Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Puttin' along

Not a lot to report this week, not as far as new milestones go. His laughter now comes from the belly, and it's easy to get him going by giving his cheeks raspberries and then giggling at him. Zephyr is also really getting good at bringing his hands, and anything in them, to his mouth (or to each other, which always looks adorable).

Thank goodness for these $0.49 toys from Ikea. They're his favorite! He is particularly fond of the bunny (whom I have secretly names Ferdinand), whose ears and carrot he soggifies with great gusto. He also likes to nurse on the nose of the turquoise wolf, chomping his sore little gums into submission. Better the toys than my nipples.

His mirror is much more interesting to him these days too, and he'll often watch himself playing with toys. Sometimes he talks or shouts at his reflection, which cracks me up to no end. I know he still lacks a sense of Self, but I think his recent acknowledgment of other babies coincides with his newfound appreciation of the mirror. I think he thinks his reflection is another kid.

Sleep continues to be up and down, but I guess I don't really care anymore. If I really need a break, I just lay down with him. Otherwise, I try not to sweat it. We're in the process of transitioning him out of our bed and into his cosleeper adjacent to the bed, mostly because he's just so big now, but also because he's kind of a squirmy sleeper. This way he's also less disturbed by Scott's and my nighttime movements, and we all sleep better. We're also moving him to an earlier bedtime, but this is a little bit bumpy. Usually instead of going straight to bed at 9:00, we get him down for what ends up being an hour or two nap, then we go through the formal bedtime motions: change dipe and into PJs, swaddle and story, then nurse. Once his afternoon naps become more predictable, I think it'll be easier to start readying him for bed at around 8:30 or earlier, and really make a big production of it to cement the routine. We'll omit the swaddle step soon, once his routine becomes canon. It's starting to get a bit warm for it, and if he gets an arm out he becomes really distressed. He tends to nap better without any swaddling, so my swaddle-weaning process has involved simply tucking a light blanket tightly around him. He can easily squirm completely out of it with the kick of a leg, but I think it feels secure to him as he's drifting off.

His viselike grip on Ferdinand even while sleeping was worth taking another photo, even though the click woke him momentarily. He loves his bunny.


  1. Hey - Zane has outgrown his size medium cotton Halo sleep sacks (sleeveless) - will be perfect to replace your swaddles for the warmer weather. Just remind me and I'll pass them along......

  2. I've never seen a bigger smile on a baby. Not ever. And if it's a tiny Ikea toy that brings that smile out, then I'd be stockpiling by the hundreds. I just gagged on my own sap.

  3. Thank you, Natasha! I'd love to give it a shot.

    Kristie, the funny thing is that they just have vats of these toys throughout the store, presumably to cram into tiny hands belonging to small people on the verge of a meltdown. I just grabbed the first one because Zeph was starting to fuss his gums, and the wolf was the perfect size to stuff into his gob.

  4. Such a love. Have you tried the frozen washcloth for the gums? Most babies love it.

  5. Tanya, I haven't tried anything cold yet, but maybe I'll pick up some more of those little toys (extra for Sigga!) and throw 'em in the freezer.

  6. I love the picture of him bringing his hands together - he looks like a good-natured Blofeld, plotting world domination!


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