Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amuse Bouche

This is the face of a little boy who won't nap.

Zephyr is about to start teething. Any minute now.

At his 8 week checkup, Dr. Martin found his gums to be slightly swollen, and now, at 14 weeks (today) they're bugging him just enough that he has a hard time napping for more than 20 minutes (unless I let him linger at the breast) and has been emitting a high-pitched whine that sounds like a mosquito.

He won't use his pacifier anymore except as a chew toy. He really favors clothy items, though, and is usually trying to cram his blanket, a burp rag, the hood of his jacket, or his pant legs (quite the feat!) into his drooly maw. I picked up a couple of new toys for him that are rattly, crinkly and absorbent. On the plus side, I can start putting him in the adorable bibs I bought for him a month ago.

Tummy time is particularly exciting as his neck strength develops (despite his demeanor in this photo - sleepy, forced to perform for a demanding mother). Now he arches his body with his arms and legs extended like a tiny skydiver, his heading bobbing around to examine his surroundings.

Wearing him is more interesting too, now that I don't have to keep one hand on his head at all times. Springtime has done wonders for my motivation for park walks and errands on foot. Unfortunately, his 18 or so pounds of mass is doing my back no favors, so I've started carrying him in the Moby (actually the Sleepy Wrap brand) instead of the Maya for longer walks. When we circle the park (works great for getting him to sleep, when he's not gum-fussy), I sing a song about what I'm seeing in a soft, repetitive tone that he seems to like. "There's a Doug-las-fir. There's some green, green grass. There's some En-glish i-vy. There's a wes-tern larch!" Repeat ad nauseum. The park is big, and this is Portland. We sing about the green, green grass a lot.

"sup ladeez" (sorry, I couldn't help it)


  1. Bless his heart, he looks so sleepy. And yet, he manages a mischievous smirk. Keep the pictures coming. I can never get enough.

  2. Bibs bibs bibs! Think of them like cravats for the little ones. I really like the ones that have a tee-shirt opening that slip over the head instead of fastening in any way - I've found velcro especially will warp with washing and ends up giving Zane a little scritch-scratch on the back of his neck that doesn't look comfortable.

  3. I feel like such a baby-coveter. Like Angelina Jolie, only I'm not actually about to steal someone's real baby. He's just so fucking cute that I can't stand it, and his face is the most expressive I've seen on someone who is not an elderly Jewish man. Love him. LOVE.

  4. The poor mite's first word is going to be pseudotsuga!


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