Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I live in a hollow tree

Look who's sitting all by himself! And I couldn't help it, I had to pixellate out his junk. It totally cracks me up.

We've had a bit of warmer weather, followed by another wee cool spell. On the warm days, I like to just put a towel down and let Zephyr hang out in the buff, as is his birthright. But after he pees on me I usually get his little nekkid butt into a diaper again.

On cooler days, we like to stay in most of the day, helping Zephyr look at the world from a different perspective. He loves being upside-down now, or sometimes he'll cock his head to the side to see how things look sideways. Sometimes when he's upside-down I'll take the opportunity to snorgle his tiny chin, and this makes him squeal and laugh like a little pixie, the way it ought to.

I have such a soft spot for I am a Bunny because I had (and loved) it when I was a little girl. My beloved grandma Laverne used to read it to me. Whenever I buy books for Zephyr that I had as a child, I get a little extra nostalgic and misty, and write him a little inscription that makes me think of his future and this always makes me lose it, and I cry like a ninny. I've been making little notes to him in his Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! that I hope he'll enjoy one day. On the page that shows different careers, I'm going to draw a girl bunny that is a biologist wearing her field vest and rubber boots.

Hey, look at him go, cramming some leaf or another into his mouth.

Still fresh on the heels of the raccoon shit brain-eating roundworm paranoia (particularly now that zomg, I personally KNOW SOMEONE who heard about a kid in her hometown THAT DIED FROM EATING RACCOON POOP!!! I decided he can eat some raw arugula straight from the garden instead of grass and clover. I was sure that it would be too peppery and that it'd staunch his desire to cram all the grassy stuff into his mouth. But whaddayaknow, he loves it!

...or does he?


  1. "I am a bunny. My name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree." My mother has this entire book memorized because she read it to me so often as a baby. I should buy a copy.

  2. Why, oh, why have I not thought to write inscriptions in books we get for the kids? Probably because My Dear Sweet 3yo Cupcake will rip the crap out of it and we'll have to replace it and will I want to re-write the heart-felt inscription then? No, because I'll be cranky.

    Ah, that must be why.

    Snorgle now, before he says, "Mom, not in front of my friends!" :-)

  3. The pixellated junk is probably funnier than the original.

  4. I love that upside down pic. And those fat fat cheeks - all of em. Nice that he is sitting. Fun for him and less carrying for mommy.


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