Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have come out to play, and I'm here to stay

Last Saturday was gorgeous. I got some long-overdue yard work done, including mowing the lawn with our rusty, old reel mower ("Sally"). In these complicated times, I find it really satisfying to do some things the old-fashioned way, and the hard-earned whirr of a good, old push-mower hearkens back to simpler times.

Once the yard was cleaned up and the sun was safely behind the maple tree, I brought Zephyr out on a blanket to enjoy some fresh air. He was at the edge of the blanket and immediately began to stuff handfuls of freshly-mown lawn (ahem, weeds) into his eager baby maw. I wouldn't really mind, since everything growing back there is technically edible, but I've watched one too many episodes of Monsters Inside Me and am terrified of Zeph ingesting those brain-eating roundworms that live in raccoon feces. You think I'm being paranoid, but one end of our little pond is actually a midden site for the neighborhood raccoons (I've seen the scat!), and I stupidly watched that whole episode twice (for fuck's sake, it infected a baby boy!) and goddammit some things you just can't unsee. Unfortunately, Scott and I were too busy tag-teaming Operation No, Boosh, No to get a photo, but I have a feeling this won't be the last time we scramble to pull something horrible out of his mouth.

Hey, it turns out that Zephyr is a huge Simon and Garfunkel fan. He is awesome at singing along, and damn, this kid has some motherfucking soul. Here he is singing with all his gusto:

...and here's some general goofing-off and merriment with his old man. If you listen carefully, you can hear him telling his "joke" (the part where he emits a high-pitched gurgle). He always busts this out for a laugh.

And for those keeping score, yes, his pooping is completely back to normal.


  1. Oh my God. The audio samples were priceless. Ah!

  2. I saw that episode about the worms in the brain and was horrified, but kept watching!

  3. great to see you today, heather!
    yeah, when i was growing up in monterey, there was a toddler in a nearby town that died after ingesting raccoon poo. it was awful, but i think the town's response was even worse: try to kill all the raccoons in the area, which involved lots of poison traps, which could have potentially harmed even more babies and toddlers who like to get their hands and mouths on everything. i think the real solution is: keep an eye on your kids, don't let them eat raccoon poo!

  4. See!?!?!? It was the declaration of back to normal poop that got you.

  5. He is adorable. So full of spirit.


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