Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tear the Roof Off the Mothersucker

Look at this little mothersucker (caught in an uncharacteristic fussy spell). To be fair, though, these days he's sucking more on his hands, blanket and pacifier, and less on his mother, thank god.

Zephyr's been prone to wee bouts of fussiness lately. We figure this has something to do with all of the drooling and sucking in which he's been engaging, but it's just as likely to be gas as far as we can tell. It's really anyone's guess. It passes very quickly though - I took all of these photos in a rapid succession that lasted less than ten seconds, then he was laughing again. Weird little baby bipolar disorder, innit.

In his tenth week, Zeph's becoming more a sentient little person and less an organic bundle of raw electricity and shaky reflexes. As his nervous system matures, his hand and arm movements are becoming more controlled and less Moro-spastic. His new trick is some awesome air guitar - I'll try to shoot some video to post soon.

Future babysitter, Connor

Zephyr does great in crowds, too. We brought him over to our friend Norm's place for Super Bowl Sunday, and aside from a couple of feedings, he really didn't need me at all. Our friends just passed him around, dumbstruck at the sheer proportions of the boy. I'm always a little worried that bringing him out just means I end up carrying him instead of getting to relax and enjoy my friends, but he's so good with other people. Hopefully this is a testament to an outgoing personality, or at least a healthy lack of xenophobia.

This week has also been a boon for all of the ridiculous equipment we bought for him months ago. Last month, this portable swing may as well have been a torture device as far as he was concerned, but now it's become a preferred place to put him down for his naps. I can set him in there drowsy but still awake, and he rocks to sleep instead of relying on my breast for sedation. I still nurse him down at night, but right now this makes life so much easier for me during the day, and it's helping him develop important self-soothing skills. We'll have to see if the standing swing has the same effect.

The coolest development thus far (besides smiling and laughing) is that Zephyr's been experimenting with vocalization. It's really funny to see him look us square in the eyes, serious as a fucking heart attack, and just jibber-jabber all of the sounds he can make with his little wordhole. Here's a little sample of the chitchat hilarity (including an epic shitgrunt - a household favorite):

...yes, we still always laugh at his farts.


  1. So much adorable I can hardly stand it. I love the little talkies. He sure did have a lot of final thoughts.

  2. I think I just ovulated, listening to his beautiful baby music.

  3. dude - that hair! is that suri cruise? KIDDING. he is so fucking cute. i really don't lie about babies if i don't think their cute. this one is C-U-T-E!!! i'm a horrible person, i know!

  4. We Are Never Full, I am LOLing so hard at your comment, I forgot what I was going to say. I'm the same way, and this baby is fucking CUTE.

    And huge. Heather, is he as big as he looks in these photos?

  5. Omigosh. Whenever I'm feeling bummed, I'm just going to come over here and take a look at these photos and listen to a little bit of baby chatter, Heather. So adorable. And I'm with Amy -- I'm not going to lie to you. If your baby is Fugly, he's Fugly. And Zephyr most certainly is NOT.

  6. Zephyr just looks so much like a baby version of a grown-ass man. That's the part that kills me.

  7. Syd, he's in the 99th percentile for weight (16lbs) and length (25.5"). So yeah, he's that big.

  8. Heather! Zephyr is a seriously cute chunk! Also, Leonard and I have just very much enjoyed his profound ramblings. Hope you are all well XXCaireen.


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