Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Hurr

Don't ask why, but I decided to give Zephyr his first haircut. Myself. After a glass of wine (or two). Here he is before:

Laid back. A little too laid back. Things are getting scraggly. Clearly, something must be done.

Whoooops, totally fucked his head up.

Yes, Zephyr, "gag." Mommy fucked up your hair. It is a terrible look. It looks like a hipster chick with low self esteem cut her own bangs after that guy she went out with last week didn't call like he said he would.

Now what, though?

What else, a good old-fashioned, Ron Swanson-approved High and Tight. But a little less tight. And with an unintentional Vanilla Ice notch above the ear. Scott, surprisingly, wouldn't let me take it all the way by adding a couple more. He's no fun.

He looks like this little German boy from the 1920s. I wish I hadn't snipped across the front, but whaddayagonnado. At least it'll grow back.

Not much new to report, but he has a new trick: pretend talking on the phone. One day he snuck over to my phone and just held it to the side of his head saying, "Yah. Yah. Yah." And now any object that is roughly rectangular in shape is a phone. Or just an empty hand. That works, too.

And he's just been having a good old time with his little buddy Fred. They are the cutest little besties ever. This is the only kid that Zephyr hugs, and I finally caught it on film.

He loves him some Freddlez. They have so much fun playing and talking to each other. I know, totally gay.


  1. No, poopy! He looks totally great. (You seen the YouTube of the twins gabbing? Zah.)

  2. Hah! I think first hair cuts should *always* be done by Mommy. You did great! I cut Hope's bangs soooo short the first time - it was ridiculous. Even grandparents wouldn't say it looked cute. :D

  3. All in all it turned out well. Is the German an ancestor?

  4. I still cut my son's hair. Only now he's 5 and can bob & weave while waving his hands in the air trying to grab the scissors out of my hands. So my skill level *looks* like it's gone WAY downhill, but really it's all his fault.


    I think you did great.

  5. You should have seen the buzz cut I gave Connor with some clippers when he was about 4 years old......that was the last "home" haircut he ever had.

  6. Oh I think he's still cute, although you missed out on the best opportunity for some Vanilla Ice notches. I mean, when else can he get away with that and still have it be adorable? Never, that's when.

    But hey, it's hair! It grows back! Unlike the notch my mother cut into my brother's ear while chopping his hair. He turned out just fine though, so you're still all good.

  7. I think you did just fine! You should have seen Iloë's first haircut, that was fucked up! And the second one was actually even worse!
    But she's always moving so her hair is always messed up, which is just fine, noone notices it's not cut straight!


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