Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Travels and Travails

Wow, this month is really getting away from me.

Playing peek-a-boo with his Gramma at The Keg

We survived our first trip two weeks ago. Zephyr was smitten with his Grandma and great aunts and uncles, and likewise charmed them with his near-perfect behavior the entire trip. He was a mite fussy on the flight in, but that was because he'd only had a mini-nap and couldn't sleep on the plane. He caught another 20 minute catnap in the car on the way to the hotel, and was up two hours past his bedtime. This was pretty much the way things were the entire trip, yet he behaved admirably.

That is, until the last night in Gilbert (an ugly suburb of Phoenix, AZ), when dinner at Kona Grill caused a complete failure of composure. I have never experienced my son in this way - just completely miserable, crying and arching nonstop for about 45 minutes (while we waited for the hotel shuttle bus to return for us). The food was passable (but overpriced), the service was cloyingly chipper (and tragically misinformed), but the main problem was that it was a total meat market and not at all the friendly Hawaiian luau food that we expected. The dark, night-clubby lighting and loud DOUCHEDOUCHEDOUCHE music exacerbated the problem. I took Zephyr outside, bouncing, singing, desperate to calm him, but nothing worked. It was too warm, and the air in front of the mini-mall restaurant smelled of stale cigarettes. Phoenix is plastic like Los Angeles, but more rednecky.

We enjoyed the weather and scenery, though, and the zoo was fun.

The new stuff, I'm just gonna list because I think he's waking up from his nap and who has the time for paragraphs these days?
  • Has three different dance moves, employs them often. Beatboxes "puhpuhpuh." Awesome.
  • Points to everything and whispers "this." Dis. dis. dis. We try to figure out what he's talking about and name the object.
  • Teeth #5 and 6 are breaking through. Yes, he is 15 months old and has only 6 teeth.
  • Still no walking, even though we know he totally could if he weren't so damn lazy.
  • Every time he sees a picture of a cat, he hugs it to his face. This is the cutest thing ever. EVER.
  • Can use spoon and fork marginally well, but will usually just throw utensils to the floor and use fingers instead. We try not to react too much, but now I'm trying to actually use parenting techniques so I pick the utensil (or cup, or bowl of food) up, wipe it off and return it to his tray. Then I cheerfully say "the spoon goes on the tray!" instead of calling him an asshole.
  • Has mastered the F.A.C. (fake-ass cry). He tries this one out often, but this has always been one of my pet peeves in kids and it has absolutely no effect on me. "Sorry, Bubbie! Mommy has a heart of stone!" I say in a chipper voice. It's best that Zephyr learn this as early as possible. It's still funny to see him screw his little face up into a frown and try to work up some tears to get me to drop whatever I'm doing and pick him up. (Oh, don't look at me like that. It's good for him to learn patience.)
  • Can do that thing where he strums his finger on his lips to go "blblblblb" like in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons when something fell on Elmer's head and made him all concussed and brain damaged (wtf is that even called?).
  • Leans over in the bath and blows bubbles in the bath water. This always cracks him up and he gasps in a little water and chokes a bit. Repeat ad nauseum.
He's a funny kid.


  1. He's so adorable! I remember when mine were that small :)

  2. I LOOOVE that you cheerfully say "the spoon goes on the tray!" instead of calling him an asshole. That cracked me up! (And I can totally picture you biting your tongue to keep it clean!)

  3. J has a F.A.C. as well. Or rather, a real cry that he whips out whenever a) something he wants but shouldn't have has been taken away from him, b) food it not provided immediately upon request, or c) anyone or any creature walks out a door. "Sorry kiddo," is about all I've got to say. If he's hurt or scared he gets a cuddle and a kiss. Otherwise, not so much.

  4. Jessica - I saw a 7lb week-old last night. I kept remarking how Zephyr hadn't been that small since I was 7 months pregnant. And it was actually true.

    Kim - It is so hard to unlearn! But I'm trying. :)

    Katie - Yes, I do hold and kiss Zephyr when he really needs it, but it's mostly crocodile tears. I'm trying to nip tantrums in the bud, but we'll just see how that works out! :D

  5. Your description of that 45 minutes and the desperation with which you tried to soothe Z took me back to the first 9 months of my daughter's life. OMG. I forget how hellish it was and then half a paragraph on someone's blog just teleports me there for a second and I think, "Hey-soo Christo, how did we survive?"

    But enough about me. Zephyr is adorable. So adorable. His pretty eyes and mochi cheeks are positively munchable. He looks more like a little boy every day.


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